AMA with an ex-Bitcoin core developer on Hashnode

To get up to speed with the latest blockchain development trends you usually have to go to a meetup or a conference and find someone from this niche to whom you can talk to. This usually costs you a lot of time and money.

This AMA with Jameson Lopp on Hashnode is a unique and free opportunity to ask one of the most influential people in the crypto world anything you ever wanted to ask a true blockchain expert.

For those of you who aren’t very familiar with his work, Jameson has contributed to the Bitcoin core, created Statoshi — a fork of Bitcoin Core that analyzes statistics of Bitcoin nodes, and founded Mensa’s Bitcoin Special Interest Group. He is currently employed by Casa, a personal key management system, as an Infrastructure Engineer.

Some of the topics you can discuss with him are :

  • The state of Blockchain
  • The future of Bitcoin
  • Building Dapps
  • Writing Smart contracts
  • Security and scaling
  • Lightning Network
  • And other similar topics

Don’t miss out this unique opportunity to have a friendly chat with him since the page is already open for all of your questions. You can also take a look at previous AMAs on Hashnode — there are quite a few of other experts on the list.