Kidz Tokenz App — Reward Kids

Ionic is a great framework that allows you to create amazing Apps easily. Using Ionic I managed to create this parenting App and publish the first release in 1 weekend!!

Kidz Tokenz — Reward Kids.

Parenting becomes really easy with this rewarding app for kids. Not only will you be able to teach good habits to your kids but the kids will also feel better and appreciated at being rewarded for learning. This app is suited for all children however, it is specifically very useful for kids who deserve special care, kids with behavioral challenges or those who are challenged by autism. It is like a learning app to help kids in their learning process.


“Kidz Tokenz — Reward Kids” app offers an easy and completely flexible reward chart system for your kids. If you are wondering how to use this app to help your child learn better, here are the steps to use the app:

✓ Type the kid’s name
✓ Select the type of reward token
✓ Select the target number of tokens
✓ Add their photo
✓ Add a task with the photo
✓ Start rewarding your kid for good behavior
✓ Share your kid’s progress on Facebook

This is a must have app for all parents to help their regular, autism effected kids or kids who need special attention. You will notice your kid’s learning getting better with this educational learning app.
So, what are you waiting for? Just download this amazing learning app for parents and help your kids grow better and smarter.

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