Hello my name is Mack Malczewski. I am 16 years old. I live in Mount Prospect, Illinois and attend Prospect high School. I grew up playing sport such as basketball and baseball and played them very often. I have a mom named Diane Malczewski and a father named Mark Malczewski. Also i have 2 siblings both in college named Welby and Delilah. Welby attend Auburn University and my sister attends Kaskaskia college.I went to Fairview elementary as a kid and then attended Lincoln Middle school. I am now a junior at Prospect High School. At prospect I play baseball and basketball.

This song means something to me because it gets me hyped for school.

I was at home at 9 pm on friday watching netflix.

Welby inspires me to work hard and good things will happen.

Abraham Lincoln inspires me to help people in need of help

Usain Bolt inspires me to try and be the best.

My dream is to visit the Eiffal Tower.

America is a very busy place.

America has a lot of tourist attractions to visit.

America has many fast food chains.

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