Building products is a cycle of identifying signals (data, feedback) and using intuition and patterns to make decisions. We’ve learned a lot about how to prioritize, and our goal with these product updates is to invite you into the process and learn about how we think & build at CoffeeBreak.

What did we add?

We already give users two suggestions of people who we think they should know based on their goals and interests. We added an additional suggestion per week, called “In your circle” suggestions, for people our users are already connected with. …

React Native is a really great choice for small teams that are making new apps that don’t rely too much on too many platform-specific native libraries. Most new apps will fall into this category. We think using React Native is an easy decision in those cases. It’s helped our team iterate and learn way faster than we would have been able to otherwise.

We think there are advantages that can make it useful in other situations too. There are some downsides to using it in an already established app though, which we’ll call out below.

Our team

I’ve done native Android development…

Michael Marvick

Co-Founder/CTO @CoffeeBreak

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