The Insane Idea Called Friendship

Friendship. It is a concept that at its objective core seems fantastical. One unassuming day, you meet a complete stranger. You have a conversation with this stranger and suddenly you are spending time with this stranger more than you spend time with the 7.3 billion others around us. You tell this stranger your deepest secrets and you entrust them with being with you through your lowest times and also your most elated moments. But why? Why the hell would you intertwine your life so closely with just a complete stranger? Why do you put blood sweat and tears into preserving these relationships? Why do you spend countless hours crying and beating yourself up because that stranger opens up to you and you feel the helplessness of not knowing how to help them? All for a stranger? You put yourself at your most vulnerable and share your innermost insecurities and fears. You ask for help and advice because you feel that they are the only person in the world who could understand. BUT WHY? At moments you feel that you could never be happier or more content with your life because you spent just one afternoon with them, even if it just talking or walking around. Why feel this way over just another person? And when this stranger hurts us or we hurt them why do we feel like a part of us has been torn away?

Its because over the course of that first conversation and through the deep talks and long walks, through the long sleepless nights and the times of pure joy that this stranger no longer becomes just a stranger. This person has become a part of you. They have become the person who will always be there for you no matter how significant or stupid your problem is. They have become the person who you call when you need a hug or want someone to spend time with or just need someone to talk to. It is this transformation that people spend lifetimes searching for. Many times, they think that they have found it, but that stranger turns out to be just that. A stranger. But when they find that one special stranger or if you are lucky, two or even three, they hold onto and cherish that stranger because at the root of it all, if you take away everything that you have, from the money to the possessions to the status, there is only one thing that will always be by your side through it all. Friendship.

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