Genuine People

Genuine people. Huh? I know. If you think about it, how many people are truly genuine? How many people just say things in order for them to raise themselves up in the eyes of others? They act and speak not because that’s who they are, but they act speak because they know that that’s what other people want to hear. However, they are almost rewarded for this way of BSing. People flock to them because whatever they want to hear or however they want others to act, the BSer will feed it to them. These people are “cool.” These people are “chill.” In the meantime, the people who refuse to go around life perpetually sucking up to those around them are punished. These people get friends, while those who stay true to themselves are left in the dust. They refuse to just say things to raise a reaction or to get an affirmation, and as a result people aren’t as attracted to them. Yeah everyones tells you to stay true to who you are and to always believe that people will like you for you, but that just a bunch of crap. Its human nature to like those who make you feel good or always agree with what you say and let you hear what you want to hear. You want to be true to yourself because that is the most comfortable thing, but also, you are left with nobody around you are are truly your friends, but that is also what the ungenuine people are left with. They are unable to truly make connections with those around them. Instead, they are left with plenty of people who claim to be their friends, but when it comes down to it, they do not have the true personal connection that friendship should be. Instead, they are left with people who are not truly their friends. Instead, the friends that they have are just their to hear what they want to hear because the people who are claim to be their friends are not truly their friends. Conversely, the people who are true to themselves are able to gain friends who love them for who they are. Even though this may be very difficult because the people around them may take a few minutes to truly love them because it takes them a long time to truly connect with those around them but it happens, and when it does, makes all of the struggle completely worth it. Because they are loved not for someone who they aren’t but for their true and genuine selves.
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