Why concern bureaucracy that much over the Code itself

Most big or scalable company nowadays implement IT governance to align the business strategy with the support of IT. Hence its main role to direct and evaluate IT process is very much important ‘they said’ so absolutely they will invest so much money to ensure its process to be well governed. In the end they buy oot system as they believed it can align the IT process. It tracks all tasks from requirement analysis to deployment phase because every single step does count since one of its key success is about accountability ‘they said’. But this does what really happen in one of those company.

To deploy one of any change (no matter its minor or major), all stakeholders will be grouped as a team to finish for almost 15–20 tasks (it can involve more than 5 to 6 departments). ‘And for God Sake’ every tasks may consist of 2 or 3 related manager’s approval. Those stakeholders are business user, account manager team, project financial team, development team, testing team, operational team, release team, security team, service desk team. Within a year there are almost a thousand change requests or business requirements are coming in. How can you manage all of this request to be well governed ? However you follow the rule does it guarantee every change can meet the timeline target ? Fulfill user requirement with finest quality ? and in the end Company can pay lower cost ?

Instead of doing these, why can’t try to automate the process, focus more on the code itself, build much more pattern in development process(not focus on single app), automation test for unit testing, manage deployment process by adding rule for e.g minimum code coverage for unit testing 80% or user acceptante test for 90% etc etc.

The ITIL framework itself is not a mistake but the way Company choose to implement the framework is much important.

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