TL;DR: s/Tofino/Browser Futures Group/

Our original 3-month goal was to investigate what a browser designed in 2016 would look like.

(Of note, this is different than exploring what an implementation of the web’s platform should look like — see Project Quantum and Servo for that.)

In those three months, we experimented with lots of different parts of the browser: from the way you navigate, to the way you save things from the web, to the very way in which the front-end for a web browser is built.

Now that the initial project is over (in fact,was over a few months…

update 08/04: I should have been clearer that Project Tofino is wholly focused on UX explorations and not the technology platform. We are working with the Platform team on technology platform futures too, and we’re excited about the Gecko and Servo-based futures being discussed! Also, don’t forget to check out the companion post from Philipp: Designing a Browser that isn’t a Browser. Finally, go straight to the GitHub repo for actual project details. Thx!

Last time I posted, I talked about Content Blockers. We ended up making one, and the world didn’t end. Yay! Blogging helped me sort it out…

Disclaimer: I’m SVP of Firefox at Mozilla, I’m clearly biased, but I’m writing here just as me. IT’S ALL ABOUT ME, DAMNIT.

Boy there’s been a lot of attention on content blocking in the last week! Apple entered the debate with the blunt instrument that is Safari / SafariViewController for iOS9, and all of a sudden everyone noticed. As they should. Tim Bray’s Money and Ads on the Web links to a bunch of writing worth reading, and I’d recommend Zeldman’s piece on Ad Blocking and the Future of the Web as a must read. …

Mark Mayo

Firefox @Mozilla, helped make node.js and containers happen as former CTO @Joyent, representing only myself here. Yes, I've still got the vmunix blues..

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