Dirty River

I jump the fence that borders the river to get close to you. 
Who is loving you, dirty river? No one is here to admire your unique magnificence. Who is loving you?..

The wind is loving you with its gentle stroking; the sun kissing you with its golden reflections; side rocks and grass sigh as you flow by with ease; birds, dipping in and out, are loving you.

I am here inspired by your graceful dirty water while little boys pass by laughing at us. 
Who is loving you dirty river? Are you loving yourself? Are you content in your rhythmic flow and fearless joy? 
What have we done to you?! Will you forgive us or hold on resentment? Will you shrink and dry or expand your courage and compassion? 
Who is loving you dirty river? I am. I am.

No one is here when it’s grey, no one is here when it’s sunny. Where are they? How can they give their backs to you and miss you? Are they busy embracing more shiny distractions? Will you forgive them? Will you forgive me for all the times I missed you, lost in my own unstoppable stream of thoughts? Will you forgive me while my heart awakens from the depths of winter? 
Will you? Will I?

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