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A set of helpful and not-so-common Android tools and libraries

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During writing the articles about 30 Best Android Libraries and Projects of 2019 and 25 Best Android Libraries and Projects of 2020 — Summer Edition, I discovered lots of awesome tools and projects which may help you with Android app development. They are below in an unordered list. Enjoy.

1. AinD: Android (Anbox) in Docker

AinD launches Android apps in Docker by nesting Anbox containers inside Docker.

Awesome libraries and projects released or heavily refreshed in the first half of 2020

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The first half-year is a great time to sum up what happened in the Android world in terms of inspiring open source libraries and projects.

Below, you will find a list of projects which are really worthy to check, play with, and even apply to your production or side projects. Let’s begin.

1. Pokedex

Pokedex is a demo project which showcases a modern tech stack with MVVM architecture and repository pattern.

Useful libraries and inspiring projects to help you on your mobile journey

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It’s been over a year since I released my last article about Android libraries. Now, I’m back with a summary of awesome libraries and projects released (or heavily refreshed) in 2019. They’re not in ranked order. Let’s begin!

1. Coil

Coil is a really fresh approach to image loading on Android.The acronym of this library stands for coroutine image loader. The library is fast, lightweight (~1500 methods), easy to use, and modern, especially in comparison to libraries like Glide, Picasso, or Fresco. It supports GIFs and SVGs and can do four default transformations: blur, circle crop, grayscale, and rounded corners.

Code example…

In this article, I would like to present a short guide on how to release mobile apps. I’ll emphasise the internal releases. I’m also not limiting myself to Android, as I believe this may apply to iOS as well.

I split this article into some points just to increase readability. If you’d like to get to know more, please stay with me! I hope you will like it.

1 . Make sure all your tests pass

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When I was writing my last article about 30 summertime Android libraries, I also got to know some nice new tools and plugins, which I find helpful during my work. I would like to share them with you too. I hope you’ll enjoy it! 🔧 🔨 ⚒ 🛠 ⛏ 🔩

  1. adb-enhanced

This is a command-line interface to trigger various scenarios like screen rotation, battery saver mode, data saver mode, doze mode, permission grant/revocation. Examples:

Device configuration

  • Turn doze mode on: adbe doze on
  • Turn mobile-data off: adbe mobile-data off
  • Turn on battery saver: adbe battery saver on
  • Don’t keep activities…

Childish Gambino — Feels Like Summer

Summertime is ending (at least in the Northern Hemisphere) and during this time many great Android libraries and tools were developed and updated.
This is my newest unranked list of Android libraries, tools and projects which you may find interesting or helpful during your day-to-day work. They are also great for an inspiration or experiments.
I hope you will enjoy it. Let’s start!

  1. LayoutManagerGroup

This is a library which offers set of LayoutManagers for RecyclerViews to achieve features and effects like in the gif below.

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This is a list of 25 newest Android libraries, projects and tools released in past 3 months. All of them are my personal choice. They are not in the ranked order. Definitely worthy to check and be included in your project or just play with them and have a lot of fun. Enjoy!

1. scrcpy

Let’s get off to a good start with scrcpy! This tool is developed by Genymotion team and does exactly the same what Vysor does (if you’re not familiar with this tool, you can check my article about 10 useful tools for Android Developers).
It provides display…

Photo by Aleksi Tappura on Unsplash

This is my newest list of 25 Android libraries and projects which you may find useful, interesting and which are worthy to check. All of them were released in the last 3 months and are not in ranked order.
Check them below and enjoy!

1. transitioner

Transitioner is a library which provides easy, dynamic and adjustable animations between two views with nested children. It is written 100% in Kotlin under MIT license and is really well-documented.

The summer is over and this is a great time to present my subjective list of 30 Android libraries and projects released in the last 3 months. Some of them can be used in production, some of them definitely not, but playing with all of them will be pure fun. They are definitely worthy to check. Enjoy!

1. MaterialStepperView
This is a library which implements Steppers from Material Design Components.

These are my 30 favorite new Android libraries that have come out since March 2017. Some of them aren’t production ready yet, but you may have lots of fun using them. I hope you enjoy these.

Here they are in no particular order:

1. Matisse

This is a beautiful local images and videos selector. Main functionalities:

  • Selecting images including JPEG, PNG, GIF and videos including MPEG, MP4,
  • applying custom themes, including two built-in ones,
  • different image loaders,
  • defining custom filter rules,
  • fully operational within Activities and Fragments.

You can find more in the lib’s wiki.

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