Google Keep is Keeping me from becoming the NAGGING MOM!

Our son Devin is a senior, but it seems like freshman year was 6 months ago. As a parent, the next 9 months will be filled with a sense of finality. The first day of school, cross country meets, banquets, homecoming and dinners will be met teary eyed goodbyes of childhood and in the envitable progression into adulthood. As for planning for the future, the educator mom in me wants to inundate my teen with links, websites,and reminders, about preparing for college. Unfortunately, when using text messages to communicate these tasks, he and I will both need to shuffle through a flurry of messages to remember which text(s) were sent and remember whether or not he had completed each item.

Google Keep Supports Communication

I have been using Google Keep for the past 4 months for work and home life. I initially had my son download the Google Keep app so that I can share the grocery list or for errands. Using Google Keep made it a easier to see what he couldn’t find or what was out of stock since it seems to update automatically. Later, I decided build a college planning list as well. So far, this method of supporting him has really made a difference in helping him stay on track while also allowing us to communicate in a way that is succinct and purposeful.

Here are some basics of Google Keep

You must have a gmail account. Download the app from the Apple/Google Play Store from your mobile device. (Google Keep is also accessible from your desktop computer:

Using Google Keep with My Son

It didn’t take but a few minutes to teach my son how to use the app. I wanted to to primarily learn how to schedule reminders based on location. This will allow him to remember his “to do” when it is most advantagous for him to do so. His most recent reminder is set for school so that when he is back on campus, he can request his transcript. Any links, tools, or deadlines that I hear about are left on the list. I will talk to him about it, and he notes which items he has taken a look at and shares his insights as he is planning.

My 3 Favorite Features

Pinned Post

Some lists I will look at all the time,for others, I need that nudge to remind me to prioritize. Using the pinned post feature allows me to structure the smaller lists into one larger framework from very important to as needed.

Color Coding

I love that I color code my lists! It makes navigating much faster!

Reminders Based Location

It has been a huge help to arrive to work each day and recieve a reminders about high priority tasks. I have even created a them when I visit my sister’ house which means I rarely leave behind the kids clothes or hair bows after weekend of cousin time. True tech integration should always add a sense of efficency and purpose in our daily activities. This tool definitely meets that need for me and my family!

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