Creating Real America

Michael McCord
Jul 9 · 7 min read

“Only this was different — this was the violent political pot that had been simmering for years, suddenly boiling over. They never imagined anything could change as they commuted to work and drove their kids to soccer practice or cozied up nightly at home with their digital toys. The clues were as clear as day to me but I am predisposed to detect political disaster. I’ve lived it. These typically complacent Americans assumed stability and democracy were a given like oxygen. By the time they paid attention, it was too late.”

What happens when America has a nervous breakdown and acrimonious divorce with itself?

The Trump/GOP/Putin/Plutocrat/Racist collusion coalition of madness and bad intent is boiling in the pot right before us. A national nervous breakdown is taking place and the battles now are between Sane America and Insane America. Make no mistake about it: Trump and his ilk are counting on insanity prevailing while they loot the temples and destroy the country.

Michael McCord

Written by

Former political editor and columnist for Portsmouth (NH) Herald, award-winning journalist and writer, humbled satirist. @mmgolfer

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