1. I love to go shopping, hang out with friends and have fun. In the past I was an Irish dancer and I played soccer. This past year I was named state and national champion in speech. During my free time I go shopping, work at Sweet Ts bakery, babysit, hang out with friends and family and watch Netflix. I have two brothers and one sister. I also have a dog and a puppy. In the future I want to be a doctor.

2. Scars to your beautiful

3. On Friday night at 9:00 I was at the football gamešŸˆ

4. Biggest inspirations

Photo by BenĀ Marshall

My dad is definitely my biggest inspiration. He is my biggest supporter and is the most admirable person I know. He works so hard and never gives up on me or anyone else. I admire him for everything that he has done to help me and anyone in need. He works hard to ensure that everyone else is okay before he even worries about himself.

photo by national speech and debate association

Ben Marshall is not only one of my best friends but one of my biggest inspirations. He works so hard and has helped me achieve things that I never thought were possible. Ben will never cease to make you laugh. He is always there when you need him and is one of he most talented people you will ever meet!

photo by Scott McDermott

My brother Jimmy has always been my best friend. Since I can remember I have always wanted to be just like him. There is never a time when he hasnā€™t believed in me. When I or someone else needs help he drops everything he has just to help. He is a hard worker and always amazes me with how dedicated he is and how he pursues his passions.

5. When I was 6 my mom put me in Irish dance and I fell in love immediately. My family is very Irish and ever since then I have dreamed of going to Ireland.

6. My perception of life in America

Photo by Megan McLaughlin

I chose this photo because the sunset really made me think about the place we live in. It shows how beautiful and peaceful it can be in one place, but reminds me that in another state there could be a disaster happening. America has taught me to appreciate what I have been given because not everyone has the opportunities that we do.

photo by StevenĀ Masker

I chose this second photo because unlike my first photo this one really shows how hard people have to fight for equality in America. Not only are people fighting for Marriage equality today but years ago African Americans had to do the same thing. When I see pictures like this it reminds me of how America isnā€™t inclusive to all kinds of people and that shows me that we are still developing as a nation.

photo by Scott McDermott

As my last photo I chose a picture of me and my partner Ben. This past year we won state in speech and in the summer we won nationals. These events really made me realize how many opportunities America provides for us. When I was younger I never really got why people would come all the way to America to live in a place where there were school shootings, poverty and a place where people had to fight to be accepted and heard. But now I have come to realize that America really is a land of opportunity. Compared to other countries poverty here is close to nothing. We donā€™t have live life wondering if the war is coming into our back yard. Whether it is winning a state title or traveling across seas to get a job, America holds so much in store for many people, whether it is clear for Americans to see or not.

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