late night swim gone wrong

All I see is Austin go under, and not come up.

I sit here for a minute. He’s probably just trying to be funny. He’s just seeing how long he can hold his breath. He just wants to make me freak out.

20 seconds, 30 seconds, 40…50…60…

He isn’t coming up. I sit in a state of shock for a few moments. I have no clue what to even do in this situation. I’m alone on a beach and it’s late at night. I stand up and look into the water. The waves are small and gentle. The water is still cold and it feels even colder as there are chills rushing up and down my body. Something is wrong. This is not right.

I know I need to do something. Once I get myself together, I run to our towels . I pick up my phone with my trembling hands and call 911.

“911, what’s your emergency?’

“I’m at Newport beach and my boyfriend is in the water and uh… he isn’t coming up.”

“Okay miss, stay calm. We will send help right away.”

“Is there something I should do? Do I go in the water to find him? Do I find other people on the beach or something? Should I run to the nearest store and ask for help? Do I… do I… what do I do?”

“All you do now is just stay calm and wait. Help will arrive shortly.”

I hang up the phone and I am breathing heavily. I walk back to the shore to see a motionless blue water under a black night sky. The night is still. The only movement is my chest moving up and down due to my heavy breathing and racing heartbeat.

I don’t even know what to think. He didn’t drown, otherwise he would have been splashing or struggling or something. Could it be some sort of animal? I have never seen a shark or anything around here but he was pulled under the water so sharply that it had to be it.

I take a seat on the sand and put my toes in the water. The water rises and falls along my red toenails. I dig my feet into the sand and exhale deeply. This is the point where I realize that he is gone. My boyfriend is not coming back. It’s over. He’s gone and never coming back.