With Freedom, Comes Great Responsibility

It was Eleanor Roosevelt who inspired the title of this blog.

E. Roosevelt is quoted as saying, “Freedom makes a huge requirement of every human being. For the person who is unwilling to grow up, the person who does not carry his own weight, this is a frightening prospect.”

This blog isn’t about what side of the aisle you or I am on. This is a blog about the importance of every person living in a supposed free society where we still have freedoms, barely at times, but we still have the right to effect change, and it is not only our right but also our responsibility as a people in the good ole USA to uphold the freedom of all people. I was inspired to write this because of the leak that occurred that the Supreme Court is considering overthrowing Roe vs Wade, and that to me is about a threat to the reproductive rights of women, and it’s more than that this is an attack on women’s freedoms as a whole.

I could go on a whole tirade about pro-choice, but as a mother of teenagers, I will do what I can to uphold the freedom of myself, my children, and all women. It doesn’t matter even if people are pro-choice or pro-life, that is just a diversional tactic of division. The powers that be like to create division and infighting because it gives them more control over the masses. But it’s not even about that, this potential overturning of Roe vs. Wade, this is about the government trying to control women, and what they do with their bodies, and to me, that is a personal matter that should be decided by a woman, her doctor, and her family. What if the Supreme Court were to make a law that it was illegal for men to buy condoms? Or to get Viagra? That would never happen because men’s reproductive freedom to spawn has never tried to be controlled by the law as far as I can see, and the idea even seems absurd, doesn’t it?

But that is what is happening to women. But this is not a time to become downtrodden, this is a time to stand up. Did you know there were more women than men in this country, according to recent census reports? We as a people still have rights, and we have voices, and we have voted, and if nothing else, this whole thing could backfire and cause a lot more people to vote out the ones who would try to control us and take more freedoms away. This is more than a women’s issue, do you see? This is an attack on the freedoms and values of our constitution, and it’s none of the government’s business.

I have lived over fifty years now, and I have not known one woman who is pro-abortion, that is one of the most difficult decisions a woman might have to make for a lot of reasons, but my point is women should have the right to make decisions about their bodies without interference from the government, because bottom line, it is unconstitutional. It doesn’t need to be justified though, is my point.

My point is that the government needs to stay out of it. There are so many reasons why a woman might be faced with a really hard decision like this, but if we lose the right to make decisions about this, we lose more than any man can imagine, especially cis white men. They are never questioned about anything and can run around spreading their seed with pride, but women bear the brunt of that. If men were able to get pregnant I can guarantee you, the government would not be involved, think about that for a minute?

I feel like we are going back as far as the women’s rights movement, y’all but only the people standing up to power can make a difference. Do you think this doesn’t impact you if you are a man or if you are anti-abortion? Well, think again, because an attempt to control all women, is an attack on all people.

So I go back to Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote, “With freedom comes great responsibility.”

Just because they attempt to oppress us doesn’t mean we have to remain opressed, we don’t have to buy into that same old line of patriarchy, I for one am tired of it, arent’t you?

And yes it is also a great and heavy responsibility to decide to have and raise children, and yes, women carry that weight before birth an statistically after for the most part, and yes it is a great miracle that birth even occurs. I am not pro-abortion. I don’t know anyone that says “yay, abortion.” I am pro-choice, I am pro-personal autonomy, and now is not the time to remain silent.

We still have our freedom, so we as a people have a responsibility to uphold the laws of the constitution, and how can we do that? Protest boots on the ground are a good way to get attention. Voting is the best way because I think that many politicians, and possibly Americans seem to sometimes forget that the people have the power to influence who is in office and what kind of platform they are running, and if it is the best for all people, not just a small percentage.

Call or text your local representatives, this is our right. Find out the platform of the candidates you vote for in November, of course, they can always like more than a couple of SCOTUS’ did, but why doesn’t that surprise me. We have to stand up for democracy or watch it crumble and see more of all our rights fall away.

The constitution is set up with many loopholes, which was on purpose, to maintain a fair and free society, and yes it was written by a bunch of white men, but the people are the ones who made the changes that impact people of color’s rights, and trans people’s rights, and women’s rights, but these loopholes are often abused by politicians who don’t have the rights of all in mind. But “we the people” can impact change.

That is how democracy is set up, it was just set up by and for white men, but that doesn’t mean we can't use it as a foundation to build upon to envelop the freedom of all people regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, or people with disabilities, it’s time to remove the labels that keep us from coming together. It’s time to stop the infighting. It’s just mindblowing to me that more people don’t seem to care, but we the people are the ones who vote for our politicians. If you believe in personal autonomy in this so-called “land of the free, home of the brave,” take note. This is a call to the feminine, this is the call to activate, those that respect and want to support equality for all people.

Pay attention, are you listening? This is not about pro-abortion or anti-abortion, but that is how they devise and destroy us, by creating these lines of division, while they sneak in-laws. Everyone is so busy fighting about what is considered life, that we don’t see that more than half the population's autonomy is under threat, we are the ones who carry the children, and we are the ones who ultimately have to make sometimes very difficult decisions.

Don’t get confused by the smokescreen, confusion, infighting, and soundbites, across the aisles of Congress, amongst the Supreme court, and amongst people getting irate with each other are just a distraction. But like I said, I believe in the free choice of all people to be upheld as it is written in this great constitution of ours, oh wait you mean it didn’t mean women?

But women are the majority in the U.S. right now, did you know? So who’s the minority now as far as sex organs? Hmm? Is that the reason the far right is attacking? Or is it just a side note in the darker goal for the thinning veil of what was supposed to be a democracy, which has become “democrazy” and has all but disappeared? It’s not too late to stand up, women and men allies, and everyone in between should align forces and take this country back, peacefully, I don’t mean to be gender-focused, but this is where we are right now.

And does the government want to help mothers who may need help? Nope. Do you know how hard it is to get any kind of assistance as a family, especially as a Single Mom? I fought to continue to be here on this earth, I have fought for my life a few times, and I am not giving up. As a single Mom there was no help to be found when I was at my weakest, and in intense treatment from stage 4 cancer and wasn’t sure I could work, but I kept working. I have to fight just to live, two ways. 1)fighting cancer, and 2)trying to survive and not lose my house, and continue to work and support my children because I am not uber-rich, but I am not poor either, but the government makes it hard even for people under the poverty line to get any assistance for raising kids, and that is shameful to me, not abortion.

What if I had gotten pregnant while on chemo? Unlikely due to my age, but some younger women get cancer, sadly. They make you sign a form that says you are not pregnant or trying to get pregnant before they give you chemo, did you know that? Because chemo can cause birth defects or even miscarriage, should chemo be outlawed then too? But I digress.

The agenda at hand might have just opened Pandora’s box as far as motivating more people to vote because there are a lot of angry women, and some angry men, and we are done with this tomfoolery, we are speaking our truths out there in support of women’s rights, and all people’s rights, and we will no longer be silenced. Now is not a time to give up.

Now is a time to effect change peacefully. Now is the time to stand up for democracy, in a so-called free society, and that is what is under threat. So go out there and research the candidates in your area, call them, text them, an attack on women’s rights is an attack on all people, remember that. It takes both a male and a female, to make these kinds of decisions but that is a personal matter, like I said, this isn’t even about how you feel about conception and life, which is also by the way based on religious ideas that aren’t even supposed to be considered in the law, it’s supposed to be separate.

So don’t let all this confusion confuse you, we could argue all day about when life begins, but like I said if the right is so concerned, why don’t they ban condoms then for men? I said it again because it seems absurd, but why isn’t it absurd to let women make decisions about their reproductive choices? We can handle it, I promise you, we handle a lot, as women. Trust me, we don't need the government telling us what we can and can’t do with our bodies. Time to rise.




As a copywriter and creator with 25 years of professional experience, mostly in the digital arena, here is where I share my own thoughts on a variety of topics.

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M. McHaney

M. McHaney

As a copywriter and creator with 25 years of professional experience, mostly in the digital arena, here is where I share my own thoughts on a variety of topics.

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