After a long period of feeling surprisingly well, life has got me devastated one more time. It is true what they say: ignorance truly is bliss, and when I was living without thinking about the tremendous abyss that is life, I was happy and young and frivolous. The same world that filled my lungs with positive air the last months now takes all the oxygen away from me and leaves me in a state of agonising asthma. My disease is not organic, you see, I’m perfectly fine and healthy in what concerns the body; it is the soul that aches. There is a small, shy, but yet powerful energy within me that sometimes takes control of my soul and leaves me desperate and hopeless. Something not physical but that I can picture: it is a bubble and it is dark and it contorts itself in a way as if trying to grow bigger, and bigger, and bigger… My fate is to not let it paralize me. I fight it everyday and the good news is that so far, at the end of each day, I win.