“Blockframing” and 31 Free Sketch-Ready Layouts Using Auto Layout by Anima App
Jon Moore

Despite the fact that I’ve been doing this for years, I’ve never had a good name for it, so thanks! (I typically called it blocking things out—probably a holdover from my art school days.)

My flow is similar. After developing my project brief, in which I’ve outlined high level features, functions, and content types, and getting some good thinking on flows, I’ll start to block out the major areas of each screen or state. As we have a pretty solid pattern library, I can then skip the wireframe phase and get right into high fidelity mockups.

I’ll share my blockframes with key team members—developers, product managers, stakeholders, etc.—so they can start to get a sense of the flow and ask questions or leave comments about specific blocks. It really gets things moving.

Thanks for sharing!

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