Thanks! I’d love to know if you have anything to add.
Victor Lombardi

Nothing to add, per se, but a couple thoughts I’ve been noodling (a bit unpolished and stream of consciousness, so apologies).

The first is this: where is that magic tool we all imagined would appear? You know, the tool that allows designers to build—not prototype—an actual piece of software, an app, a website? We’re getting close, and I guess in some cases you could say we’re already there, but I think bridging that gap is something I thought would have happened by now.

Of course I know the reasons we don’t have such a tool, and they all make sense. Nonetheless, the allure of being able to put into production, from start to finish, a concept that’s floating around in one’s brain—well, that sounds as amazing to me today as it did nearly 20 years ago when I was writing code (poorly, I might add).

The second thought is this: there are more avenues for people to study UX, and that’s a good thing, given how many people I meet who express an interest in breaking into the field. Yet I worry that many of these programs focus on tools and techniques, and not on the mindset of UX. What we design and build today bears little resemblance to what we did 5 or 10 years ago, and I imagine 5 or 10 years forward, that’s going to be the case even more so. What sustains the profession is a mindset, an outlook, a perspective that transcends specific tools and technologies. It will be interesting to see if the latest crop of recruits has been equipped, or can learn, that way of thinking.

What do you think?