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Wednesday, March 24

Faithful Worker is Promoted

—Mountain East Medical Center’s new head of purchasing is one of their own.

A worker who has been with Mountain East Medical Center for thirteen years was promoted to head of the purchasing department for the hospital Wednesday.

Johnny Toler began working for Mountain East Medical Center in the pharmacy of the hospital as the assistant druggist. When the pharmacy closed in 1978, he was transferred to the purchasing department where he has been ever since. His faithful service to hospital made him a strong candidate for the job.

Johnny Toler also was a great choice because of his family’s involvement in MEMC. His wife, Carolyn Toler, works in the hospital as the head of the gynecology department. The hospital is not only important to Johnny Toler but also to his wife and their two children as well.

“This hospital means a great deal to me and my family, and I will give my best efforts to making our purchasing department the best,” said Johnny Toler.

Many workers at the hospital have seen just how much Johnny Toler values the hospital and how hard he has worked over the years. They believe the promotion is well deserved. The hospital administrator is especially confident in Johnny Toler and his abilities.

“I know that Johnny Toler is a person we can all depend on to do whatever is necessary to keep his department going. I have great faith in him and in this hospital,” said Harry Illscott.

Mountain East Medical Center opened in 1963 with a mission dedicated to give their patients the best care possible. Today, MEMC leads the nation in patient care keeping along with that mission. Anyone who walks out of MEMC knows they received the best care from some of best doctors in their fields.