1. There was no doubt Hannah would soon become an internationally known jazz singer .
  2. Midville is a small place with a small town atmosphere that offers safety and security to its citizens especially those with small children.
  3. Ed spent many hours drawing a detailed map that charted the growth of the church denomination he belonged to since its beginning.
  4. Erin could not see any point in continuing to pay college tuition where she was convinced she was not receiving the best education or her money’s worth.
  5. No one could figure out the reason Sally signed up for one of the hardest math courses as she was confused by any kind of mathematical problem.
  6. John had difficulty figuring out his schedule for the coming up semester because he had not taken the prerequisite course.
  7. Professors give little consideration that our textbooks are often expensive.
  8. Alex said he needed to read as many good books as he possibly could if he wanted to improve his writing.
  9. Baseball has always been the national pastime, but football has replaced baseball as many people’s favorite sport.
  10. During most of February, Laura stayed in her room and tried to fight a very bad cold.
  11. I have a disinclination to help people who do not show up for work and put forth the effort to succeed.