The story of a lifelong friendship. The friendship of two completely different girls, with diametrically opposite values and aspirations. For one, the main thing — a career and recognition, for the other — the family. One — the leader and star of any environment, the other dissolves in her husband and children, forgetting about themselves. One is fighting tooth and nail her way to world domination, the other is at war with her teenage daughter. But their friendship is the real deal. Top notch, championship level.

Oh, I loved it. It’s just the kind of thing I love. Well, not counting some overly tearful moments, but they do not overlap the overall rapturous impression. I did not tear myself away. Worried. You can not throw yourself into work or family, putting off the rest for later — the “then” may not come. I wanted to shed a few tears, but I could control myself. Also “Firefly Lane” is a real treasure trove of realities of America in the seventies and nineties. There’s the cookies of the time, the fake shoulders, Bush, the Gulf War, nappies, CNN and Madonna. Atmospheric to the extreme. Loved the book — best thing I’ve read in a while.

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