Toyo Ito is a Japanese architect known for creating conceptual architecture and has been known as the world most innovative and influential architect. In his early days he was not interested in architecture as his main passion was baseball but when he join university he started to be attracted toward architecture. Among his work in the 1980’s, he wanted to express his architecture by developing lightness that resembles air and wind in his works. According to him, ‘ an architect is someone who can make spaces that show a little more humanity, make them a little more beautiful, a little more comfortable.’ Architecture according to him is like a clothing wrapped about a human being.

His creation like the Sendai mediatheque seems like a floating building but it also has a deep meaning to it as he wanted to create a space of human activity and the building has tree trunk structure as to create a forest like environment where people can read, learn.

I was also inspired by the MIKIMOTO building that has a beautiful exterior design like hole in it when the light enters the building its like light falling through trees.By studying through his ideas and thoughts about his creation I wanted to create models according to his styles.

I chose the UTS tower as my public space and create something towards a change. Through my different interation I got the idea for my final model. In my model I have tried to demonstrate a sense of both ideas about the floating objets as well as the relation of humans and nature with he building . I have used materials like bamboo sticks, popsicle sticks, paper, foam board to create my designs for the interations.


In my first interation I made a similar structure as the UTS tower demonstrating different levels made my foam strips to create a illusion of floating levels. In my second one I made a triangular structure with the front facade with different pattern. This structure is focused on the exterior of the building.In my third I made a cube structure with inner walls with horizontal strips outside it, this structure is more like a tree house. For the fourth one I made one out of paper and popsicle sticks, in a spiral pattern. The difference in the height of the building demonstrate a floating object because of the difference in height. The last one interation idea turned into my final model. I made a triangle shaped building with slanted angled exterior design.

In my final model, I remade my last interation and added different elements around it for human settlement. I made the building out of balsa wood and foam board strips ,where the building is standing in a square platform.This building represents idea of both, the floating object as when we look at it from different angle it looks like it is floating and moving and also I related it in association with nature by its geometric structure. I wanted to represented the triangle as a strong relation between people, the building and the nature.Therefore this is my representation of my building according to what I learned through his works and ideas.

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