up the creek: a very small prayer

Last Saturday I was waist deep in a creek when the sky turned dark out of nowhere and a few fat drops of rain started to fall. I had my phone in my hand (because I’m prone to bad decisions) and I took a video of the sky. The dark clouds were getting closer and thunder was rolling in the background. I said, still the same 12 year old shit who was asked to leave Sunday school and never come back: come and get me god, let’s go, you little bitch.

And this is what happened: I strapped my phone back into my bag and walked across the creek to a little island that I had never inspected before. Right as I pulled myself up by some tree roots and found something that looked like a path, the rain came down in sheets. Everything was immediately soaked. My bag wasn’t waterproof, so I found a big fallen hollow log and stuffed it inside to keep it dry. I couldn’t cross the creek again without it, so all I could do was find a good place to sit and wait.

I found a big flat rock overhanging the creek, low enough that I could dangle my feet in. The rain came down so hard on the water that it made a mist almost a foot high. There was no lightning but there was thunder, loud and low and slow. The trees were darkly shiny and heavy, drooping in the rain. Maybe fifty feet down and to my right, where the creek was a little bit deeper, two little boys in bright colored t shirts shrieked and laughed and tackled each other in the water; jumping and spinning around, joking and shouting in Spanish.

I cried sitting on that rock! Lucky enough to see THIS, this moment in which every single tiny detail was so beautiful.

And I didn’t even realize until just now: I guess It DID show me, the little bitch. Amen.

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