Light at the end of the tunnel motivation

Marissa Hallac
Sep 27, 2017 · 2 min read

Self- motivation is a popular theme in life, especially when it comes down to getting things done. It us up to us to push ourselves to accomplish our needs, in both everyday life and work.

So, channel that energy of yours into something productive. Something that will make you feel a whole load more important than Netflix and a beer.” (M. 2016).

We all can think of things we would rather do than work, go to the gym or clean. Although, once you accomplish your priorities, you get a sense of completion and productiveness. The feeling once you finish everything you needed to will give you a better personal feeling than you would get from watching a whole season on Netflix in one sitting.

The author of the blog “Why you need to push yourself sometimes” discussed going on a run as her example of self- motivation. Once you get yourself going it becomes easier to push yourself to the finish line, no one wants to fail to complete what they have already started. This is accurate and relatable to many aspects of life. Starting a task allows you to begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. You should keep working hard towards your end goal to achieve success.

Being a college student really tests your motivational skills. Having assignments, tests and readings to balance becomes very difficult. Professors no longer hold your hand like teachers did in grade school, you are expected to be prepared for class by the due date. Having the self- control to motivate yourself to start the paper for your English class will put you ahead, and may even save you some unnecessary stress.

Forcing yourself to complete something leads to positive motivation. Once you see results from that task you will feel successful and want to continue and build on this skill.

M, K. (2016, November 22). Why you need to push yourself sometimes — Be Yourself. Retrieved September 27, 2017, from

Marissa Hallac

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University at Buffalo

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