02/18/2016 Journal

02/11/16, 3pm-4:30pm

Alcibiades is definitely a show off. He seems to always need to be the center of attention at parties and social functions. Alcibiades does this a variety of ways and one way is through always having the last word. I find it strange that many psychopaths are comfortable with being in the limelight and I wonder if this is not a common across the board. I think it is strange because I feel like being in the limelight puts you at risk of being found out as a psychopath or having your different lies/manipulations showing through. Many times when I think of psychopaths in leadership roles I think of the showboating psychopath, but I do think there are some psychopaths that avoid social activities and attention from other people. I think about in the show Dexter, how Dexter really doesn’t enjoy spending time with people and avoids any attention in order to keep himself safe from getting found out. I think part of this has to do with him abiding to Harry’s code but also he genuinely doesn’t like people because he finds it impossible to connect to them. But what’s interesting about Dexter, is his brother who does very well with people and even enjoys the lime light. I would be interested to see how this need for attention varies among psychopaths.

I think many leaders are expected to enjoy the lime light today and even strive in it. I think “showboating” is looked down upon though. I think this creates challenges especially for the psychopath. I think the psychopath might find difficulty in having a happy medium. I think because psychopaths are so full of themselves they also find it difficult drawing a line between being confident and being cocky.

02/12/16, 3pm-6pm

I have spent a little bit of time studying for the exam next Thursday. I have been going over my past notes, past readings, and past journals. In my notes I noticed we learned a lot of different words which can give better explanation to the words they are used for. One thing I noticed in my notes was the 20 traits of the psychopath. I found that some of these traits can contradict each other. I think this shows how difficult it is to maintain being a psychopath. This also shows how difficult it can be to be a leader, especially if you are not a psychopath and need to have certain psychopathic traits.

I think it is important to understand the challenges leaders face in order to be successful leaders. I think its also important to understand who the struggles that different leaders face. I think leaders exist in all aspect of life so it is very difficult to pin point certain traits leaders have unless you’re discussing where a leader is leading.

Right now I’m dealing with some dilemmas that may or may not have something to do with leadership. I’m trying to decide what I want to pursue a career in. I recently was considering going to medical school which is a huge leadership role, but now I am considering going in to ecology and working in conservation. This is causing a lot of problems for me one big part of this has to do with the fact that I think that people view these jobs differently because the type of leadership these roles hold. Doctors are often very trusted and seen as great leaders. I’m worried that if I pursue a career that isn’t a doctor people will not take me as seriously and will not see me as a leader but I think that leaders exist in ecology and are important leaders. I’m also struggling with following something that will pay very well versus something that doesn’t pay as well. Many people in my life want me to continue pursuing being a doctor because of the monetary gains but I just don’t know if thats what I want to do. I think that being an ecologist shouldn't end there either I want to use my training in ecology to possibly make serious changes in the world. I’ve been considering lobbying to ecological think tanks. I think this class will help me to understand that leaders in Washington that I will one day work with. I think its important to understand that this role of leadership could be very fulfilling and beneficial to the world but I’m not sure if it will be more fulfilling than being a doctor.

Thinking about what I want to do has brought me back to the five stories exercise that we did earlier this semester. I am thinking what I want my five stories to say and what I want my leadership legacy to be. It is very difficult to make these decisions. I really enjoy ecology and believe that I can make a lasting difference in the world by pursuing ecology but I also believe that being a doctor can make important changes as well.

02/16/16, 11am-12:30pm, Lecture

This class period began with a quiz. We then went over the quiz and discussed some of the answers. We discussed the importance of attending class and the meaning of some greek words. We had an exam review. In order to prepare for the exam on Thursday I will be re-reading a lot of the past readings.

This class period we had a guest speaker named Shamira Muhammed. Shamira discussed the book that she is writing and the traveling she is doing for the book. Shamira discussed the purpose of her book and how she came up with the idea of her book. Shamira gave some interesting tips on how to travel. Shamira’s talk showed a lot of leadership traits including empathy, perspective, resourcefulness, independence, creativity, risk taking, and more. I greatly enjoyed Shamira’s talk and I am excited for her project.

02/16/16, 12:30pm-1:30pm

I had the opportunity to meet with Professor Sandridge and Shamirah after class. During this meeting, I was able to talk about Shamirah’s book and her travels. I was very interested in talking with Shamirah because I would like to write a book at some point. Shamirah gave me some advice about writing a book. She explained that having a journal is the best way to further develop my book and allow it to evolve over time as I have new experiences. Since I have considered writing a book my ideas have definitely evolved and I think using a journal would greatly help. I spoke with Shamirah about her travels around the world. I was also able to see all of her pictures from her travels.

One thing we discussed was psychopaths ability to put on different masks and to create elaborate back stories in order to manipulate people. I find it interesting that people can create back stories because that is something many actors have to do. When I used to do theatre the director always told to create a back story for our character even when we were playing minor roles. I always found it interesting how people could so quickly develop elaborate back stories for their minor characters and use that to act. Many actors in Hollywood use this same method. In my past journal entries I have discussed how I believe Hollywood has an impact on the ambivalence to psychopathic leadership and I think this shows that acting attracts psychopaths and/or psychopaths are good at acting.

02/17/16, 6:30pm-9:30pm

I have been spending this time studying for the exam by reading the past readings. Re-reading the past reading assignments has helped me think deeper about the ambivalence of the psychopath. I’m realizing the importance of not being ambivalent towards the psychopath. I’m worried I won’t be able to remember all the readings and will struggle on the exam. I think re-reading the reading assignments has helped me see some of the challenges leaders face.

One huge challenge I think many leaders face is making money, but doing the moral thing. I think many people know that making some immoral choices that negatively affect people or the environment can be lucrative. I think it is difficult for some people to give up some money in order to be moral. I think this happens because people easily dehumanize other people making their aggression acceptable.