My Five Stories

After 71 years on this planet, it is time I reflect on my life. My story began with a journey towards intellectual enlightenment. From a young age I had a desire to learn. I was always asking questions and thinking critically about things. From a young age I was interested in politics and was engaging in intellectual conversations with my parents and my teachers. Growing up in a home with two parents that worked in higher education, I was always encouraged to attend college.

After graduating high school I went to college. It was in college that I realized how many paths of learning there were. It was extremely difficult for me to determine which path to pursue. I chose a path that challenged me most and would lead me to a career where I could serve people around me.

I chose to become a Biology major so that I could pursue a career in the medical field.

In college I quickly learned that pursuing such a difficult career could greatly impact my relationships. After becoming a physician, I found that I missed out on many friendships due to the time commitment of my schooling.

Once I began working as a doctor I found great fulfillment in helping people. I was constantly challenged to learn and I enjoyed helping people. My busy schedule as a doctor made it difficult to cultivate and pay enough attention to many of my relationships. I soon learned I needed to make some sacrifices in my career to fully enjoy my relationships outside of the office. I chose to create a partnership with a work colleague and open our own practice. After cutting back on some work I was able to pay attention to those I loved. I soon was able to start a family.

Having a family brought me as much happiness and fulfillment as my career. I continued to balance work with home. Throughout my career I found some opportunities to lead. In my own practice I was often a leader of the office, but as a mother I became a great leader. As the matriarch of my family, I was able to lead my children throughout life. I greatly enjoyed this leadership role and did not take this responsibility lightly. I was able raise strong children with a strong sense of wrong and right.

The many stories of my life were difficult to balance. I was unable to fully pursue full intellectual fulfillment because I needed to narrow my schoolwork in order to have a career in the future. My career impacted my ability to foster relationships, but the partnerships I was able to make allowed me to make the necessary sacrifices to create better relationships. My relationships was what brought me a true understanding of leadership. Although I had to make sacrifices to balance my five stories, I know I lived a fulfilled life.

A woman who gracefully lived her life to learn and to serve.

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