I dreamed Donald Trump was president
Sasha Stone

Your stance on this is interesting. It’s a unique variant of the politics of fear that I’m not quite used to. Right now I’m going to call it the politics of shame. You set it up as if Trump is the be all end all to everything, and if I do not vote against him in the proper way, then I am one of the pricks of pretense, that will ruin everything with ideological idiocy.

Now I gotta tell ya, I am voting for Jill Stein, and I live in Maine, a state that splits its 4 electoral votes if a clear winner of the popular vote is not apparent. I’m not sure where you live, but appears to me that you have a different battle that you are fighting. Do you live in a swing state, where there are a lot of electoral votes up for grabs?

It really doesn’t matter. Your approach to motivate people to vote for Hilary is not super motivating to me, but I’m sure it will work on other people, people who are scared, people who are weak, people who probably would be voting for Hilary anyway…

I don’t know, I mean Sony’s ad campaign for the new Ghostbusters movie didn’t really work on me either. It was a genius move on their part. Support feminism and go see Ghostbusters on opening night! If you don’t like Ghostbusters you’re a misogynist! It’s not really too far off from what you’re doing here. So keep at it! I’m sure there’s a job opening up at Sony for a new social media strategist any day now, and I bet you would be a good fit. Other than that I do enjoy your writing style, it is intelligent, pointed and emotionally charged. I do believe that we are on the same side, and maybe someday our messages will cohabitate less aggressively, but until then, power up buttercup, and get ready for the love/hate ride of your life, because I’m your biggest fan, and together we will be better.