I Love a Girl Who Swears, Backed by Science
CamMi Pham

Love your articles, your thoughts. Except this one.

No matter how many do it, swearing is still a shock to the system of many others who hear it. Because of that, it’s presumptuous, inconsiderate and uncaring of how it may affect others, even if it causes some to just feel uncomfortable. I have always been intrigued, and very attracted to, women who are the masters of their words. A woman who knows how to spell or cares enough to use a spell checker. A woman who knows the difference between to and too, and there, their and they’re, and writes accordingly. A woman who refrains from swearing and using vulgar words.

It tells me she’s smart, she’s poised, she’s in control of the most important person, herself. And that makes her absolutely beautiful.

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