Failing to Find Solace in Yet Another Rams Debacle

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.
What on earth is fool me six times? I mean, apart from masochism.

This was the year the Rams were going to improve (again).
This was the year that Fisher would not go 7–9 (again).

Yes, the team has moved halfway across the country. 
Yes, a lot of the holes from last season weren’t filled adequately.
But a new season brings new hope. Any Given Sunday and all that.
And, come on. It’s not like the 49ers are good.

Time to get off to a good start for once.

But no. Oh no.

The game started like usual. Kaepernick and a teammate knelt for the anthem.
Robert Quinn and Kenny Britt on the other side raised their fist in protest too.
Some have said that Kaep’s protest, which is entirely earnest and correct, has been an embarrassment.
It isn’t. What the Rams did masquerading as a football team though was.

Nothing says embarrassment like getting shut out on national TV.
Nothing says embarrassment like having to punt 10 times.
Nothing says embarrassment like having 8 more passing yards than penalty yards.
Nothing says embarrassment like having a taunting, roughing the passer and two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties IN THE SAME GAME.
Nothing says embarrassment like having the same amount of penalties as first downs.
Nothing says embarrassment like being the last two instances of being shut out in week 1 (28–0 to Seattle in 2009).

Trying to think of bad Rams performances isn’t particularly difficult.
- The back to back losses to Vikings and Beats last year when chasing a wildcard at mid-season.
- The Vikings game the year before (another Week 1 abomination), losing 34–6 at home to MATT CASSEL.
- Numerous beat-downs in 2011 (going 2–14)
- Losing 44–6 to Detroit in 2010 was bad. But the week 17 loss (a playoff eliminator to Charlie Whitehurst) was even worse.

You’d think by now, there would be some numbness to these performances. But no. Oh no.

“The Rams will get better” Steve Young kept on repeating with about 4 mins of this debacle left. Really? Pray tell.

The #1 overall pick was a healthy scratch. The best thing for his development would be to go back to Berkeley for the year.
Todd Gurley was supposed to lift this offence. Without any other help; apparently single-handedly. No football player can do that.
The D-Line played well, I guess. But frustration boiled over and Aaron Donald got ejected 7 mins from the end for clashing with a official.
If only the rest of us could do the same.
3–15 on 3rd down. Against the 49ers (27th in Defense DVOA last year), not the ’85 Bears.

Next week is the Rams’ first game back in the LA Coliseum since 1979.
Given recent history, it’ll be an inexplicable win over the Seahawks. Especially if Russell Wilson doesn’t play.
And everything would be alright in the world for ones with little attention span.
But it’s not. You don’t forget this in a hurry.

“Insanity is doing the same things over and over again, and expecting different results.”
Supporting the Rams turns you insane. Or you have to be insane to support the Rams.
One thing’s for sure, we deserve better than this.

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