Some Best Apps For Android That You Will Not Find In Google Play

One of the advantages of Android with respect to the rest of mobile operating systems, is the freedom that gives the user when it comes to choosing what is on your device.

“A close-up of a smartphone homescreen” by Rami Al-zayat on Unsplash

Here, of course, enters the free choice of deciding whether users want to, or not, install applications from external sources to Google Play, a practice that, while it may become unsafe in case of downloading files from unreliable sources, can reach Open up a whole world of possibilities.

That’s why today we wanted to show some of the best applications for Android that, will not allow you to download from Google Play Store.

Android apps that are not in the playstore

Before begining to start, it is necessary to tell that all the links provided in this article come from reliable sources, and therefore, downloading the apps is completely secure. The apps have millions of users.


Users who change their smartphone every little time, or those who try all the ROMs and have for their devices, surely have encountered the tedious situation of having to reinstall manually all the apps that had Previously.

Image: Oandbackup app

Oandbackup is a very good alternative to more popular backup applications such as Titanium Backup, with a much more careful interface and added value: This is an open source app, which is hosted on GitHub.

The app needs Superuser or root permissions, and allows us to make copies of the applications installed on the device in any part of the terminal storage, and later restore them, even, all at once, without having to go choosing a A.

Apkpure | Oandbackup


There are hundreds of file Manager for Android, each with its pros and cons. However, MiXPlorer is probably one of the most comprehensive apps we can find in this field.

Besides being totally customizable, it has useful functionality like the possibility to compress and decompress any type of file in the most popular formats, integrated text editor, OTG support or the possibility to access and modify the System files thanks to root permissions.

In this case, the app has been created by a member of the popular XDA-developers forum, where new news about the application is published periodically.

Mixplorer | link


If you want to download videos and music from YouTube, there is a very simple way to do it using the Snaptube apk.

For YouTube fans this option is ideal because they can view your videos and listen to your favorite music without having to connect to the Internet.

And not only that, this App to download audio and videos is compatible with many other video platforms and social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Humble Bundle

Every game lover knows the Humbre Bundle. It is a platform that, periodically, offers packs with the best games, in exchange for the user to pay what he wants for them.

Many may not know, but the Humble Bundle Android app is not in Google Play Store, but can only be downloaded from the official platform website.

Humble Bundle | link

Lucky Patcher

Are you boring with ads on games. Than you may have a solution to get rid it of them. Lucky patcher apk can bypass apps ads, Bypass app purchase.

It’s also poplar for hacking games, Bypass level, get coins. Remember you need to root your phone to use it properly.


We have to finish with one of the most useful applications of this compilation. F-Droid is an open source application store, which collects all the apps that, for some reason, are not found in Google Play.

In this way, you will be able to discover and download thousands of different open source applications that are not available in the Android App Store, in a totally secure way.

F-Droid | Official Site


Video streaming services are very popular of these days. However, YouTube remains the source of reference for the videos created and uploaded by the user on the web.

But there is a drawback. The content of this Google streaming service is not so easy to download, especially if you save the content to your desktop. But don’t worry as there are tools that will allow you to do so. One of them is TubeMate.

You can easily browse as well as can download many of sites like youtube, vimeo, dailymotion etc.


Wifikill is one of the popular app to control users of wifi. You can easily control Public wifi . If you wish you can easily kick them from the network. Can see transfer rate of data and many more things.

You can check you wifi security by it. Basically it is working it wpa. It needs to tell that it not work in all network.

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