Futurist and futures designer Monika Bielskyte is mapping out a radical framework for futures studies called Protopia Futures. Read this interview to learn more about it and two protopian sci-fi scenes that she created with Spanish designer and futurist Mario Mimoso. Photo credit: Linas Masiokas

As citizens of the world, we currently face many challenges, including an impending environmental disaster, racial injustice and many forms of inequality ranging from gender to economic. And although we try our best, it is difficult to imagine them being ended. But futurist and futures designer Monika Bielskyte has a radical project that is endeavouring to do just that. In it, she maps out a futures framework freed from the shackles of the binary oppositions, stereotypes and power struggles that currently make these challenges even harder to overcome. Her project, Protopia Futures, is anchored in the aim to inspire us…

Martin Mitchell

MA student in Modern Culture at University of Copenhagen. Writer at Scenario Magazine. Fields of interest: Aesthetics, Climate, Sustainability

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