Multiple Parameters

Recently I had to build a Dashboard for a PoC. Basically, a waterfall chart will be drawn based on selected (multiselect) period filters (Period 1 and Period 2). Now, how would you go about this?

Waterfall Chart with Multiselect

First idea, was to create a dataset with all possible period combinations, but I discarded that idea right away. I was sure that there must be an easier approach for this use case. Somehow, real time parameters crossed my mind.

Note: Client caching won’t work with real time parameters.

Create a new dataset (MDX) on SQL Server Report Server and set it up as “Real-time” (=Refresh Frequency). Next to this, you can define default parameters (See Default parameters)

Create new Data Set
Default parameters

In order to manage multiple values in our Period 1 filter (June 2016, July 2016, August 2016 etc.) I used “StrToSet” function.

Note: DataZen doesn’t provide multiple parameter values as a set.

Solution: Adjust them manually in the MDX script by opening and closing the curly brackets.(See in screenshot — Create new Data Set)

After this, everything worked as expected.