Self Driving Cars in Hollywood movies

The other day I was watching a movie where one guy was chasing another in a hot pursuit car chase. Both drivers were breaking dozens of traffic and driving rules like driving on footpath, crashing into other cars, driving over pedestrians etc. Being a self driving cars enthusiast it immediately struck me, “how are movies going to be in self driving cars era?”. An era where all the cars are going to be autonomous, we would be able to see any such action in movies or not. More precisely what would be “Fast and Furious 20” like? One self driving car chasing another on its owner’s command ?. The dialogue could be something like this:

Owner: Rambo (car name) chase that yellow Tesla.

Car: I can’t chase it within current speed limits.

Owner: Don’t care about the speed limits.

Car: O.K. Sir, but I will have to break 15 more laws to keep the chase on.

Owner (annoyed): Keep on chasing.

Car: Sir the penalty is 7 years in jail.

Owner: hmmmmmmmmmmmmm may be we should go home then.

Car: Chicken.

With all the ethical debate going on regarding how self driving cars should behave in the world, would there be even a remote possibility of a car accepting such commands from its owner to lets say crash into the vehicle parked somewhere or drive on the footpath when the road is not clear.

One possibility is of course hacking into the vehicle drive system and either take manual control over the vehicle or over write the ethical module of the vehicle to so it would accept commands that it would not in normal circumstances.

Even if hacking is possible, would it have the same cinematic effect on viewer that it currently have. Because if the car is driving itself then the protagonist of the movie sitting in the car who is in hot pursuit is not actually doing the dangerous maneuvers that appeal the audience. Its actually the software of the car that is performing all the action. So after the movie two friends discussing a particular scene from the movie could be like this:

George: Hey Fred, did you see that scene where Tesla model Z was chasing the Ford model Y?

Fred: Yes, what a crazy scene. I was jumping in my seat the whole time.

George: Did you see the maneuver Tesla Z did to avoid the pedestrian?

Fred: Yeah man, that was out of the world. Though I was more impressed by the way Dominic Toretto was instructing the Ford Y. Did you see his expression when he asked Ford Y to take that left turn.

George: Awesome man.

So the question is “How will the movies be like in Self Driving Cars era?”.