Why We’re Removing Visitors

Removing a feature that you acknowledge did help people to meet is a bad move. That was also a way that some, sure maybe a minority of us, used to keep track of who they wanted to message. For instance, someone likes 100 people but wants to focus on the top 10 they just visited.

Also, some people may not press like but may be interested in someone and seeing that could spark something. Of course there’s also the situations where two people may have liked each other but either party doesn’t get around to message them so they visit the profile again and that could remind the other party to message. Let’s be honest here, most women do NOT message first and never will so that subtle hint is a way of flirting in this digital environment.

This is also crazy to remove this even for paid subscribers! You already took away other A-List features for current subscribers WITHOUT any discount. At this point, what’s the point of A-List anyway?? Sure we can add more search filters but we still never even see all the potential matches and have to still swipe like a maniac just to see people we should be seeing through the advanced search that we paid for.

Once my paid subscription is up, I will definitely NOT be renewing.

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