Believability Weighting Decision Making

Ray Dalio — Principles
  1. Founded unicorn and even decacorn businesses themselves;
  2. Been senior executives at unicorn and decacorn businesses through key growth periods;
  3. And most important for the advice they were giving, every one of those people have invested in many businesses that have very successfully found product market fit and crossed the chasm we were attempting to cross, as well as even more businesses that haven’t found that product market fit nor crossed the chasm.
  1. Our team — we’ve built a team that includes people who’ve had success and can logically explain why in our core business areas of mycology/mushrooms, manufacturing/operations/logistics and sales/marketing/PR. We’re relatively early stage, so we’ve aimed to overlap those skills with people who’ve had experience through the product/market fit phase of startups and also have experience thinking differently and disrupting the industries they’ve worked in.
  2. Our investors — we have some great VCs in our business and our lead investors (Blackbird and Grok Ventures) have built formidable skills through their many successes (as well as their failures). When I was first exploring the meat alternative space they provided great insights into our category and helped me confirm there was a gap in the market for meat alternatives that were clean label and minimally processed, as well as delicious. Lucie Hankin at Grok was one of the people who introduced me to my co-founders. Lucie, Nick Crocker and others on their teams have helped guide us through challenging periods and into successful ones. All of that comes with having been successful themselves, having had some failures and being able to explain the cause/effect of the difference between the two — they have strong believability. Both Blackbird and Grok were early investors in Shoes of Prey and it’s been insightful and a pleasure to witness their success, learnings and believability grow over the last decade.
    We’ve also built a large list of 40+ angel investors in Fable which includes 12 angels with extensive and successful food industry experience, the founders of 4 unicorns including 3 worth $15B+ and a range of other angels who have extensive experience and believability in areas that are helpful to us — CPG, retail, manufacturing, marketing and more.
Fable x Honest Burger UK




Fable Food Co — plant based meat. Formerly Shoes of Prey.

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Michael Fox

Michael Fox

Fable Food Co — plant based meat. Formerly Shoes of Prey.

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