It’s back again, you’ve waited all year.

The WSOP is finally here!

You’ve got your roommates, your house, and one clear mind.

You’re fully prepared for a six-week grind.

You swim, you work out,

and party with friends…

until the main event arrives,

that’s where it ends.

It’s Day One of the Main

and you’re ready to roll.

You’ve got your mind made up

and only one goal.

You buckle down, there’s no tomfoolery!

You’re not leaving here

without arm jewelry!

Early to bed, early to rise.

You wake up bright and early,

with fire in your eyes.

Eat a well balanced meal,

even go for a walk.

Chat with some friends,

get in a quick pep talk.

You tell yourself, “It’s gonna be fun!”

But you know it’s not;

not unless you’ve won.

The amazon doors open up and… BOOM!

You wallow in the baller vibe in the room.

“This is it, this is my time!” You say.

Nothing can stop you, nothing in your way.

You make your way to your table

and scope it out.

You fear NO ONE, you’re ready to bout!

Day One goes great,

your opponents you ravaged.

Day Two even better,

way above average.

Day Three is a dream ride,

you soared through the day!

Day Four is surreal.

You could be here to stay.

Day 5, and your stomach

is feeling a little funny.

You have a huge chip lead,

AND you’re in the money!

“Let’s go, let’s do this!

I haven’t used my ONE TIME!”

You have no backers, won no sattys,

you’re on your own dime!

They’re dropping like flies

and the room’s getting colder.

You’re tired, you’re drained,

you feel 10 years older.

But you remember where you are

and what you came to do.

You dig deep down,

and grab the best of you.

More tables break,

smaller and smaller.

You’ve got the vibe now…

yep, you’re a baller.

36 left…and you’re 2nd chipleader.

The time is now to stay on this heater.

Final Table…

“My God, can it be?

It’s really happening…

happening to ME!”

First hand dealt, 2 men out.

You’re wondering what

they’re thinking about.

Few rounds later, you’re down to 4.

You don’t care about other payouts,

just the big score.

Then there were 3 left in the Game.

They all want the title,

they all want the fame.

One won’t get it, not this year.

He’s out in 3rd and shedding a tear.

You’re heads up now, both out for the KILL.

That’s what sets you apart…

only one of you WILL.

Your heart is pounding,

you swear HE CAN HEAR IT!

And the cotton lump in your throat…


Your top lip is stuck under your teeth…

You’re sweating

and can’t sit still in your seat.

Now your friends are all here,

but they’re out of your sight.

You can hear them and feel them,

but you’re blinded by lights.

The moment you’ve waited for,

the reason you play.

is here RIGHT NOW,

this very day.

You stay calm, and focused,

despite the pressure mounting.

In your head, you’ve got

$7 million counting!

You’re tied in chips…1st and 2nd places.

You look down and squeeze…2 black Aces.

He bumps, you click, he piles, you snap!

You flip your cards, he says, “Oh crap!”

Yep, he’s got TWO KINGS! What are the odds?

What the hell is up, Poker Gods???

He’s got 2 outs, but what are the chances?

Your team is up and doing some wild dances!

2 3 4 comes a beautiful flop.

The turn brings a 6…

then you feel your heart stop.

“ONE TIME!” you hear him say.

And it nearly takes your breath away.

You feel your knees buckle

as if you’re in a boxing ring.

Yep, it seems like slow motion,

the river……………………a KING.

You go to grab the dealer

and attempt to choke her,

but then you remember,

it’s not her, that’s poker!

Its all over. You’re spent.

You’re exhausted. You’re done.

You cannot believe

that’s how he won.

Time to go home

and get back to the grind…

until next year

if you can clear your mind.

Another year

with a bracelet-less shelf.



~Marguerite Spagnuolo

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