New Media’s Power Immaturity
Logan Rapp

“Unless the apparatus of their fame is threatened, they will march happily along.”

This is probably the most perceptive part of your great piece, Logan. While these celebrities enjoy their fame, as fleeting as it may be, a structure built from fame shields from more punitive actions. Likewise, platforms such as YouTube and Vine are increasingly becoming complicit in their “non-partisan” stance. As these celebrities make money for the platforms, regardless of rape or crime, the platforms have no financial incentive to intervene; their profits stay roughly the same for the “bigger” celebrities like Lepore (who’s not even funny tbh).

We also need, as you hint at, a stronger apparatus for education around consent and toxic relationships. YouTube and Vine could garner themselves some positive media attention and increased profits (presumably) if they were to take this head-on rather than maintain this aloof presence. I don’t foresee this happening unfortunately.

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