Why I’m Opposing the Nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch
Bernie Sanders

Class allegiances, class loyalty and class favoritism are indelibly operative in how we do what we do, especially where the person involved believes or purports to believe that they are ‘easily’ separable from our daily decisions and actions.

I find it difficult not to be annoyed by Gorsuch’s ‘I-am-smooth-and-knowledgeable’ condescending stance, but from the few statements I heard he and Trump and the latter’s family will forever be overshadowed by conflict of interest issues that pivot in favour of the mogul class. This is so evident hence I’m really grateful that Bernie Sanders has flashed it out so so clearly! Ideological leanings DO affect what is done LEGALLY so Gorsuch’s artificial separation of the two is, at the very least, a problem that will injure the judiciary post that he’s gunning for, and I use the term ‘gunning for’ advisedly. What is worse is the permanence of that appointment. The bottom line is the ‘friendship’ basis of the nomination itself!! Show me your friends and I’ll know WHO and HOW YOU ARE! Check Trump’s attitude to judges who did not cow-tow to him with the Travel Ban!!

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