My story:

My name is Mackenzie Molina and my life has been a series of big events one after another. From moving four times to reconstructive foot surgery, I have survived it all.

Everyday I live. I love. I laugh. I take life one day at a time but eagerly look forward to the future. My strong passion in everything I do helps me soar through almost any situation.

Though I have done a lot, I haven’t yet lived. High school is my new beginning. To develop into an adult and to start leaving my mark on the world.

My name is Mackenzie Molina and I am ready for my life to begin.

Graphing My Life:

Music that Speaks to me:

The song Bacchanale, by composer Saint-Saëns, may not be my favorite song, but it is definitely one that changed my life forever.

At the end of 7th grade, my orchestra teacher gave me and four others the audition music for IMEA symphony orchestra. (aka, Illinois Music Education Association) I had been playing violin for 3 years and this audition was a big step for me.

The music was extremely hard and I struggled to keep up with the other four kids. I worked once a week with my private teacher on one of the songs for the audition. That song was Bacchanale. Since my teacher only worked on one section of the song with me, I taught myself most of it. I went from practicing once every few days, to practicing everyday.

When it came time, I auditioned. Only one of the five people from my school made it into the IMEA orchestra. Unfortunately, it was not me. Though I was sad, I learned that sometimes the experience is more important than the outcome.

Learning to play Bacchanale showed me my passion for music and taught me that with lots of hard work, I can play any piece of music I set my heart on. I will never forget the lessons I got out of that experience, and I am forever grateful for my orchestra teacher handing me that packet. Without it, I wouldn’t have been able to find the joy I get from playing.

Picture: 9 am. Saturday the 28th:

I know you can’t see it, but here I am at my first baby shower for my second cousin. (my mom’s cousin) The second picture is one of the little gifts that were handed out at the shower. (since I didn’t get it in the first picture)

A Typical Day:

People Who Inspire Me:

Honestly, there is no person who truly inspires me. I’m not the kind of person who gets inspired by other people. But, I do look up to and greatly admire several people. So here’s a few:

Midori. Midori is a famous violinist. As a child she was a prodigy and performed under extreme conditions for thousands of people (violin strings popped off in middle of performance) Recently I saw her in concert at Ravina. It was amazing. It was as if her violin became a third arm. She moved with the violin, the violin moved with her. Watching her was a gift. It was mesmerizing and breathtaking. I now admire her so much. I wish I was able to play the way she does, but one can only dream.

Eileen Collins. The first woman pilot of a space craft. Though I no longer want to be an astronaut, I still admire her for work and helping redefine what it means to be a woman. ( She helped show that women can do anything boys can )

My parents. They work so hard and do so much to support our family. They sacrifice their time, and effort for my sister and I. They love me no matter what and will always accept me for who I am. If I could come anywhere near as loving or caring as they are my life would be fulfilled.

My Dreams:

Photo Credit: Gaines Ville Scene;

One of my dreams is to continue on playing the violin through high school and college. Though it is far fetched, I would like to play in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. I don’t want to play the violin for a career but I want it to stay a big part of my life. I would also love to teach my future children to play the violin so they can develop the love of making music just as I have.

Photo Credit: wonderful engineering;

Every since I was a young girl, I wanted to be an engineer. I didn’t know it at the time, but I did. I was obsessed with space and wanted more than anything to be astronaut. In about fourth grade I was put into a higher level class that included engineering in everyday class activity. That’s when I truely realized what I want as my career. I have been involved in robotics for the past four years now and I absolutely love every aspect of it. My dream is to major in engineering and hopefully develop an extremely successful career.

Photo Credit: Clip Art Kid;

It has been a life long dream of mine to go to the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana. My grandfather and one of my uncles both went to Notre Dame. I have grown up watching Notre Dame football games, taking family trips to stay in the dorms, and going to over-night camps on campus. It is my dream school and forever will be. In my eyes, my whole school career is just the stepping stone to Notre Dame. I can’t even believe there is only four years to go till this dream could be a reality. I can’t wait for it to happen.

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