This post was inspired by a great blog I found by Andrew McGill on how he built a Slack-powered doorbell for their office. Andrew did a great job highlighting the main parts, but when I went to replicate it, I realized there was a lot more to it than I thought. This is an expansion on Andrew’s idea with every step in the process (including code snippets) necessary for building your own Slack-powered doorbell.

First, some context: Our building for Branch is completely locked, and while employees have key cards to let themselves in, it doesn’t solve for the 15+…

When it comes to users downloading and using your mobile app, not every person is the same.

Some might have come to your app looking for a specific piece of content, such as a video. Others might have been invited by their best friend through a referral. And some might have seen a promo on a blog that piqued their interest.

Since every user is unique, you shouldn’t give them all the same app install experience. …

Mike Molinet

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