Decision making and 6 steps to sorting through the endless supply of options we think we have

The constant dilemma that many of us who are multi talented and have a variety of options to choose from is a growing issue and I suspect will become an even bigger issue in years to come. My most recent story was about the future of work, one of the trends discussed was role flexibility and another trend is gig work.

The more gig work becomes an option, the more options we have, and the more we need to constantly reprioritise our interests and values in order to make the best decisions for ourselves and continue moving in the direction of our aspirations, rather than getting stuck in the decision making process.

At times it can feel like everything is falling apart, yesterday I was chatting to my neighbour and suggested that there will always be a pull in various directions, whether it is a location move, project work, and in general choosing what we want to do in life when we are interested in so many things, and at the same time feeling like nothing is working out.

A question which comes to my mind in these scenarios, is how committed am I to this project that I perceive is ‘not working out’. Most times my lack of commitment or genuine interest is reflected in the external circumstances it creates.

Commitment is taking action every day towards your goal, not just thinking about it, but taking leaps everyday, even if it is challenging and exhausting, but still taking action every day towards that which you desire to create. Not necessarily obsessing over it, but a general attitude of commitment in thoughts and action.

If the sound of this is all too exhausting, then perhaps it is a suggestion that this particular ‘thing’ you are thinking of, is not for you. Which is great, because it means one thing you can cross off your list of possibilities.

I’ve come to realise that sometimes I really need to take action and participate in some action/learning/reflection, which allows me to be ‘in’ the scenario and assess how it feels once I am in it and from there decide if it is aligned with what I really want.

“When we want to feel courageous more than we want to check accomplishments off our list … When we want to feel free more than we want to please other people … When we want to feel good more than we want to look good … then we’ve got our priorities in order. Divine priorities — the kind that will steer you to the life you long for most deeply.” ― Danielle LaPorte

Here are some suggested steps to go through when sorting through your endless options:

  1. As Danielle Laporte puts it, really check how you want to feel, does this option create those feelings?
  2. Is it realistic? How long will it take to go down the path of this option? It’s ok to be aspirational, in fact that’s exactly what this option would ideally be.
  3. How long will it take to work out this option, are you committed to what it takes if you go down this path? Close your eyes and visualise it or write down all of the things you will need to do differently if you go down this path.
  4. Chat to a trusted friend or colleague and map out each option, if you are anything like me, you will need someone to process things out loud with, so that the ideas are not just in your head.
  5. Invest in a coach or mentor who can work with you for at least 3 months to go through some of your options, ideally you would find someone with experience creating what you want to create.
  6. Ask Google! There are so many resources online, ask away and see what you get. Perhaps there are videos, articles or case studies on what you are considering, get more information if this is what you need to make an effective decision.

I think one of the most important questions to me, is how committed are you to this idea or project? What are you willing to sacrifice in order to create it? The more committed you are, the more you will attract the types of opportunities and situations to support you with your idea or project.