Things You Should Know About Smartphone Unlocking

There are 2 types of Smartphones you can get; Locked and Unlocked. Most of us already know the difference, so I will keep it short. Unlocked devices are those that let users use any SIM card regardless of what country you are. However, you are stuck with one career in case of locked smartphone. If you insert another SIM, it won’t work. So if you want to use another SIM card or you are travelling, you will have to get another unlocked device.

Should I buy a locked or unlocked phone ?

You should always try to buy an unlocked device if you can afford. The only reason users buy a locked phone is because it is available in installment plan. However, users need to sign a contract to keep the service for a certain period.

Can I unlock my Phone, and why should I ?

Yes, you can unlock your phone, and there is nothing wrong in it. If you want to resell your smartphone or use another SIM card, you must unlock your smartphone. No one will buy a locked device, and even you get a buyer, he/she will not pay good price.

How do I unlock my Smartphone ?

Unlocking a smartphone requires unlock code, and your career will probably refuse to give you code if you are still in contract. If this is the case, you will have to find a trusted Phone Unlocking company that can give it to you.

UnlockBase is one of the reliable company that has unlocked over 6 million mobile phones since 2004, and they support almost all the brands (over 13971 models). This company has also acquired and The price they offer for unlocking service is unbeatabel, and they are ready to reduce the price if someone is offering the same service for less than UnlockBase.

There are various methods to make the payment to get unlock code. You can also pay via PayPal to be on safer side. Fill the detail on UnlockBase website, and they will send you Unlock code with instruction. They will refund full amount if the unlock code send by them doesn’t work.

If you have used their service in the past, please share your good or bad feedback in comment.

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