What Works: Uber Nightmare

This story drew my attention because Uber is the most commonly used driving service in America and has gained wide popularity among all ages due to their timeliness and prices. This story hit major news last night as many people heard about the shootings as they were happening, so the SEO is high.

The lead used in this story is a narrative lead, it captures the reader’s attention and sets the tone for the nut graph that tells why this story is important and what it will mainly be covering.

The nut graph appears early in the story as the second paragraph when Miller writes “As the night drew on, however, the crowd began to hear increasingly horrific news. A Kalamazoo woman had been shot outside her apartment complex. Then a father and son had been gunned down in front of an automobile dealership. Finally, a local Cracker Barrel had been turned into a bloodbath when a shooter opened fire, killing at least four..”

The story is such breaking news that the only multimedia elements Miller used was a picture of some flowers and a teddy bear that have been laid out for the people who have been shot. Miller used about six sources to cover some of the other passengers that had accepted rides from Dalton and could have been victims as well as a security guard and other police officers. Dalton is being charged with 14 different charges, most of them being on account of murder and intent to murder.

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