Why is there so much resistance towards the spiritual process?

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The quickest and simplest answer is attachment to worldly things. It’s always either something(s) or individual(s) or both that deceptively give us meaning or at least we think they do. Therein lies the problem because no matter how pleasurable or beautiful or comfortable or fulfilling those worldly things may be, they’re transient. When I take them away from you, you will suffer and what brings this about is the ego’s continuous need/drive to see something out there that will give it meaning in here. The ego thrives and sustains its livelihood through worldly things. This is why it rebels when you take those worldly things from it. And since we believe we are the ego and identify with its qualities, we end up fulfilling its needs and participating in its overall mission. We take part of this chase or hunt. For as long as we maintain an identification with the ego and feed its desires it will control our lives and and make our spiritual process difficult.

The best way to get to know the ego and eventually have it lose its power over us is to use self-inquiry/contemplation, meditation or a combination of those things so that we can build self-awareness and catch ourselves in the process when these worldly desires come about and foster. Another effective technique is the Sedona method which is a surrendering technique. Any surrendering technique is also effective because I believe the technique at its core is spiritual and when feelings or attachments arise, you are surrendering to them and in giving in, they no longer hold power over you vs resisting them which brings about more of them or entertaining the mind with them which fosters more of these attachments. Effective spiritual practice is surrender and many avatars and mystics know experientially how effective it is at helping them grow consciously. We resist surrender because we juice the pleasures of the ego. We get a high out of those worldly things and much like known attachments, it’s hard to detach from these things and let them go. The best way to deal with those challenges is to pray for strength, dedication, commitment and to surrender as often as one can.




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Mike Mouawad

User Experience researcher/manager. I have a passion for business, manag., consciousness, spirituality & psy. Here to learn and share my knowledge with others.