How a bug in Android and Microsoft Teams could have caused this user’s 911 call to fail

Too many c̶o̶o̶k̶s̶ PhoneAccounts

Prior to installing Microsoft Teams, there are only two registered instances of PhoneAccount on my Google Pixel 4 running Android 12 SQ1A.211205.008. One instance was built by TelephonyService while the other by Google Duo.
After installing Microsoft Teams and launching it (but not signing in), a third instance of PhoneAccount appears. This instance was built by Microsoft Teams.
After force closing Microsoft Teams and relaunching it, it built another instance of PhoneAccount
After repeating the last step 15 more times, I ended up with 17 basically duplicate PhoneAccount instances built by Microsoft Teams.
After uninstalling then reinstalling Microsoft Teams, I chose to login immediately after launching the app. Then, I force closed the app and re-launched it multiple times. While a second PhoneAccount instance was made, no more were created after that.

A series of unfortunate events

Two patches, with more surely to come



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Mishaal Rahman

Mishaal Rahman

Android nerd, former Editor-in-Chief of XDA-Developers