Great strategy is all about creating a new experience.

Most of the times strategy stands right behind the solution. Think, if you launch something like uber in another country, you already know what you should do. All you need to make it 5 percent better than its competitors to stay in the competition. Obviously working on similar ideas are not bad at all, even to establish a common business, a founder has to struggle really hard.


The basic of true strategy, it thinks about people and thrive to achieve the goal from insight. American new generation leading saving brand Harry’s, popular for the autopilot system and complete electronic car Tesla, Pokemon Go, or electronic home commodities nest everybody thinks about people. They were constantly working on their product to figure out what and how people actually wants it. This process is not as easier as it sounds. Makr app became popular for giving people an easy solution of crafting print items by drag and drop and creating content for various sectors. But Canva becomes too much popular than Makr. The team of Canva knew that how people wants to use that app. Canva apps allow people to craft ultimate things and they have very few item for users required to buy. Compare to Makr it’s really few.

Paktor is leading dating apps in Asia, becoming too much successful than tinder recent time, because they knew what Asian people want. They announce guaranty to people that if anybody isn’t able to manage to date in the first three months after using Paktor. Then Paktor will return their payment. This statement came from their confidence of their great strategy.

Windows surface pro 4 becoming popular gradually cause their deep research of people’s want. Their tablets allows people to use it like a PC. On the other hand, IPad or tablet allows to do many things but the PC has the ultimate capacity for the uses. People want to use the tablet like a PC in some situations and Microsoft touch the right point.

Windows surface pro 4

Sometimes big companies, they do forget that people doesn’t have time to convince them for buying their product. Apple Watch or android watch, they are not successful yet because they fail to provide actual reasons to the people. People obviously love the advance things but their first priority is effectiveness, that’s why iPhone or Apple OS is still much popular. As Steve jobs said that people will buy no matter the amount of money if it is effective.

Walt Disney

Without great strategy may be Starbucks can’t be today’s favorite Starbucks or think about our living childhood Disneyland. All of these popular brands provide their customers a new experience from the various form. They provide novel reason to connect with them. Understanding people is one of the greatest elements for strategy creators. Everybody might able to create good strategy but very few people can create true and satisfying new experience for others.


Mostafizur Rahman, Founder of novelandhistroy, A house of strategy.