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Save yourself from tons of rules!

Many rules can be found all around us and we find people who are developing these rules through their own experience are really confident about their creations. Before asking which rules would be best for you, you should ask yourself what is it you want to be. Simply l can imply, everything depends on what kind of people you want to be.

As an entrepreneur I believe everybody should focus on knowing themselves rather than selecting some random quotes or advices for their life. I believe the motto people should implement in their life is to

“Be yourself and create your own story.”

Obviously words have the power to boost your inside and any line can change your life dramatically. But remember, life is a long journey and you’re responsible for everything you’re doing. Everyday is our day to learn something; we’ll learn many things from our particular steps. These quotes/lines/words/advices can help us but we shouldn’t forget who we are.

We know ourselves better than anybody. Our nearest personalities do care about us but they don’t know who we are and what we want to be. I believe everybody is responsible for their dream. Every advices or lines are not for us, choose those which you really need. Whatsoever you’re doing, at the end of the day everything will be your story. This is how we can create our own identity and follow our heart.

It doesn’t matter what your sector is; a designer, an architecture, a developer, everybody is recognized through their own work. That means your work is your identity. If you want to change things, you can change them in your own ways. If you’re devoured by somebody else’s dream, you can’t.