The insight of Great Distribution.

Distribution is one of the major elements of a successful business. Due to a shortage of policy and implementation, most of the companies cannot achieve their target. Starbucks, apple and Procter & Gamble are the bold examples of distribution.

Companies are spending a huge amount of hours to create an effective and novel distribution policy. But distribution policy should have designed based on their philosophy and product. Apple becomes too much successful, because their distribution policy is completely synced with their customers want and company ‘s vision.

What is the insight of great distribution? Distribution is sending the excitement to the people like it is. Think about a food home delivery company. They should have to deliver the order to the customers, before the warmth of the food become vanish. User experience is really important to establish great distribution. You have to conscious about people’s excitement and must have to know how they want it. Distribution could happen through various form. One of the novel steps of great distribution is understanding and utilizing the surroundings as well as making sure the maximum uses of the medium.

Gary Vaynerchuk, Co- founder of VaynerMedia, an expert on social media marketing and personal branding, have been talking a lot about content marketing and distribution. He said that “Word of mouth works now, much more than ever. @-reply every single person. “

Procter & Gamble’s main success is their way of distribution and that is really innovative. Most of the young entrepreneur’s caries wrong idea about distribution. To me distribution should be surprising like the idea. It gives an experience to the customer and has a lot to do with their expectation. In the content sectors distribution is all about engagement. The bold element of distribution is creating community and make sure the results.

If people or companies are not good at distribution, it means their audience rate going to down. Distribution and sells are related. Digital product, services, commodities, products are works individually but one thing is common here, which is people. At the end of the day great distribution would be happen , when the product is meaningful and actual.

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