Floating Button and Edge-to-Edge Display

The new twist in our interaction design is on the horizon, Galaxy Note S8 and iPhone X edge to edge display will bring the interesting challenge for the bottom navigation bar.

We have read some good insight why the floating button is not a good idea (https://uxplanet.org/floating-action-button-in-ux-design-7dd06e49144e and https://uxplanet.org/3-alternatives-to-the-floating-action-button-54f6b7c96714) and the thumb-reachability by Steven Hoober in his infamous article (https://www.uxmatters.com/mt/archives/2017/03/design-for-fingers-touch-and-people-part-1.php).

I think if we keep Hoober’s theory in front of us and try to design the interaction for Bottom Navigation Bar, we may find Floating Button a better choice as compare to a plain old bottom-navigation bar.

It seems a natural fit, due to the OS based gestures associated with the bottom part of the display.

What do you think?