Media Analysis Reflection

The overall goal of Media Analysis was to learn how to critically engage with the media and recognize the effect on society. The class did this by starting with the news media. We analyzed news clips and learned about the critical thinking process in order to see bias in the news. From there we moved on to advertisements where we looked for stereotypes or patterns in ads. Finally came the entertainment media, which is a very broad spectrum. From race to class to gender and sexuality, the entertainment industry has a very important effect on the daily lives of Americans. By being able to see patterns of how different groups are portrayed, we can now identify harmful and helpful shows.

The most important message I learned during Media Analysis was there is bias in everything. While there are varying degrees in the entertainment industry, the news media contains more bias than you would think. This class taught me how to identify that bias. This is an important skill to have, especially with it being an election year. Another important message was the Hollywood diversity problem is not solely seen in actors and actresses. Many of the reasons people of color are not accurately portrayed or represented at all is because of the even more lack of diversity behind the camera. This is an important problem that needs more attention, but I also did not know it was happening before this class. The third message that I took away from this class is everything is planned. From the order stories are told during a news broadcast to what color stands out the most, every small detail is important.

This class has made me put more thought into the decisions I make. For simple decisions, like which tv show I would watch, it has made me consider a bigger picture. I now think about how the characters are portrayed and if that is in line with my ideals. On a bigger scale, this class came at a perfect time with the election. More and more candidates are focusing on their opponents instead of issues and how the media covers those events is important to understanding who a candidate is. I can use the skills I learned in this class to make an informed decision about which candidate I support.

Advice for next year’s class: Approach every topic with an open mind. There were ideas I had never considered before but because I went into class each day excited to learn, I welcomed the new ideas.

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